Monday, February 27, 2006

Is the 21st Century Over ... ?

In Central Florida, at least? That's the subject of this blog:

Can the once-great, unique-in-the-world, visionary, ahead-of-its-time and filled-with-wonder Epcot (nee EPCOT Center) be saved?


Matt Arnold said...

I look forward to reading this blog. I have so many memories of Epcot, my favorite park. Its future is of great interest to me.

Anonymous said...



You know me... I have huge problems myself with how Disney has been extremely lax in keeping up the parks. The recent repair of nearly all of Indiana Jones at Disneyland aside, there's much to be done. I agree that Epcot is in drastic need of overhaul.

I have had three work events--at 10 days each--at the resorts near Epcot. It's the one Disney World park I've been to most in the last few years because we tend to escape there for an hour or two to escape the often mind-numbingly long-ass hours we work when doing our shows. (I am typing this from work, on a Saturday, in my office. You see, the current meeting we're working on is at the El Cap, so we have no park to escape to this time! Horrors!)

Anyay, I'm already rambling. I'm gonna RSS this sucker and read. Sounds fun!

Scott said...

Those are some great pictures. I've never made it to EPCOT during any of their festivals nor Christmas.

Illuminations is truly a great show. There's a rumor going around that it may undergo some changes (possibly a third iteration) for the 25th anniversary. Whatever they do, I hope they realize what they have and improve upon it instead of trying to reinvent it.

Fortunately, I believe the rumored plans for the Spaceship Earth rollercoaster have been put to bed. The ride is an integral part of the structure of the geosphere; to change the ride layout would require a complete rebuild. Spaceship Earth is a ride that can always be updated at the end and not lose its identity.

The Fountain of Nations is one of my favorites in all of WDW. It's relatively simple, but elegant and beautiful.