Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Before and After

That kind of says it all, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

My biggest gripe with the wand: it looks REALLY nice head-on. But from any other angle, it looks absolutely horrible with the scaffolding. If the wand is permanent, it should at least look so. If it is temporary, I hope its time is up!

Anonymous said...

I suppose it looks "really nice" if your definition of "really nice" is a big scab on the face of an architectural wonder. While we might disagree about its overall appearance, we agree on two points: 1) It's even worse when viewed from any other angle (particularly next to it), and 2) it is time for that thing to GO!

Matt Arnold said...

Has anybody else noticed something in common with that cheap Winnie the Pooh ride installed in Disneyland in 2001? Two-dimensional cutouts. The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, as seen in the photo on the Re-Imagineering Blog, is made of wobbly wooden flats rather than a dimensionalized world.

Let's see. Hmm. I'm trying to remember the new post-Dreamfinder Journey Into Imagination ride. Did it display this tendency? Why yes, I think it did. Or how about that lame Food Rocks show that replaced the beloved Kitchen Kabaret? Someone else will have to tell me if that had cutouts because I refused to see it. But in the brochure photos for it, it looked like it did.

Or check out this, again from the Re-Imagineering Blog. More cutouts in the Universe of Energy. Two-dimensionality is a trend, even going so far as to stick giant adhesive 2-D versions of the Leave A Legacy monuments on the legs of Spaceship Earth.

Obviously cutouts are being used because they're inexpensive, fast and low-maintenance. But they also suck.

Anonymous said...

Setting aside aesthetic matters, the wand is mounted in the wrong park. Epcot is not "about" fantasy, magic and medievalism, so it's strange to see Mickey's wizard sleeve and wand in Future World.

Epcot82 said...

Couldn't agree with you more! The hat at the Disney-MGM Studios and the arm/wand at Epcot do seem out of place precisely for the reasons you mention. It would be like putting a giant Mickey Mouse hat on the Tree of Life.

Uh-oh. I shouldn't give them ideas!