Saturday, June 24, 2006


Even as the Wonders of Life sits shuttered and Mission: Space finds itself with 10- to 20-minute-long lines on a good day, even as World Showcase continues without a new pavilion in nearly two decades, The Walt Disney Company finds ways to spend money on theme parks.

News reports say Disney's chairman, George Mitchell, confirms that the company is exploring the possibility of opening a theme park in Shanghai, China.

Nice to know that they can still spend hundreds of millions of dollars on dubious foreign investments. Too bad they can't make significant investments Stateside.

They can't even afford "closed" signs at Epcot -- they just place benches in front of doors to prevent anyone from walking into a non-functioning area (see photo above; nice "show," eh?) -- but they can spend wads of cash in China.

Gee, is it just me, or does Disney have a funny sense of priorities?


Anonymous said...

Character Connection? Do they mean a place where people can meet with Disney characters? Doesn't it take you out of the story a bit to refer to the characters as characters instead of by name?

Anyway, that's secondary. I was appalled of the state of the park the last time my wife and I visited two years ago. Pavillions in disrepair, empty attractions and the hideous addition to Spaceship Earth all detracted from my enjoyment of the park.

Most of the World Showcase pavillions were still alright, albeit a bit aged. (I'm looking at you Mexico!)

Epcot82 said...

It's a real shame. (And, yes, you're right about saying "Characters." Never had thought of that before!)

I tried writing an e-mail to Disney Guest Services ... but it bounced-back. Yes, that's right: The Guest Services e-mail address wasn't working.

Guess that shows you they don't really want to hear what you think; they just want your greenbacks.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to some signs of new funding at Epcot. Even if it's just some of the stuff that you mention is missing, like "closed" signs or even being able to assign a crew to take down stuff like the Character Conection signs... what are those, just big decals or something?

Epcot82 said...

A big hanging sign with no "proper" logo use and a huge chunk of empty, wasted space. I can't imagine that some enterprising Imagineer hasn't come up with some ideas for these large voids, or for Odyssey, for that matter. One can hope.