Wednesday, August 30, 2006

While I've Got You On the Line ...

Thanks to all -- and I do mean everyone -- who weighed in on my last post. It's been called spot-on, it's been called way off base; it's been called well-done, it's been called trash. It's been called interesting, it's been called misinformed.

Whatever your thoughts on it, I'm glad you read it, and if you added some comments, I'm grateful for those, too.

I started this blog simply as a way to get people talking about Epcot -- what they like, what they don't like and, mostly, how Epcot's grand vision of the future, of optimism, of bridging technology and society, can be rediscovered and restimulated.

Rather than go the "it's my blog, I'll say what I want and you'll like it" route (as Disney seems to do -- just substitute the word "theme park" for "blog"), I will say this: I appreciate your feedback more than I can tell you. I love that it got you talking, got your dander up, got you thinking and sharing and communicating.

Kind of what EPCOT Center used to try to do, I guess!

I'll have more very, very shortly. (You know, summertime travel, vacations, etc. take their toll!) But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Your comments have been most insightful.


Anonymous said...

The gratitude is mutual, then! Much thanks to you, Epcot82, for a lovely website about one of my favorite places.

Anonymous said...

I agree, thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts, whatever those may be.

Brian said...

hey - like the blog. Got back from Epcot yesterday; re-rode UofE and SSE and realized how much I really like them. I really worry that they don't have a lot of life left. (I took the Undiscovered Future World tour with a very nice Guest Relations staffer named Pete - more on this later - it was VERY enlightening)

I can live with Mission:Space and Test Track and _even_ the awful changes to Imagination (kids would still love the new ride, especially if they never saw the original) BUT GET RID OF THAT F*CKING WAND ALREADY!

Yes, we should start a petition. :)