Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sea Base Memories

Here's a wonderful look back at The Living Seas as it was in 1989, just a few years after opening.

Listen to the kids responding eagerly to the sights they encounter while on the Sea Cabs. Notice how much more interesting and enticing the presentation in the Sea Base is because it's being done by a real person. (And ask yourself, could Disney's cast members pull off such a good performance today?!)

Thanks to YouTube and videocameras, this is a great little time capsule that hints at just how cool The Living Seas was when it still seemed fresh and new and Disney hadn't turned its back on the pavilion.


Anonymous said...

Very cool video!! I want to try out that diver lock-out chamber in the worst way....and climb inside the underwater bubble thing!!! Will they let me do that even though I am not an animated cartoon? :D

Anonymous said...

so.... This video says it all. The original Living Seas rocked. The new Seas..... Sucks!!!! Hello people.... Where did all the fish go! There are now, maybe, a half dozen windows into the acquarium. Don't get me wrong, the new effect of characters in the tank is great, but where did all the real fish go????

Anonymous said...

Nice video, that brings back some nice memories.

By the way, certified divers can dive into the aquarium itself on the DiveQuest program. It costs less than $150, they provide all the equipment, and it is the easiest dive I've ever done.

-Frank Cohen