Friday, March 09, 2007

Video Memories

Unfortunately, YouTube has not yet upgraded its system to be compatible with the new Blogger/Google login.

Until that happens, here are some terrific links to YouTube videos that serve as testaments to the spirit, enthusiasm, excitement and promise that EPCOT Center held for so many years. Enjoy!

A Musical Preview of EPCOT Center

The 21st Century Begins Oct. 1, 1982

EPCOT Center in Less Than Five Minutes (caution: this one will really stir up memories; it's focused solely on Future World)

Spaceship Earth circa 1986 (With Walter Cronkite!) -- Part 1

Spaceship Earth circa 1986 -- Part 2 ("Let us go forth and fulfill our destiny ... on Spaceship Earth!")

"El Rio del Tiempo" Ride Through

"Maelstrom" Ride Through


JStone423 said...

Wow, these videos take me right back to the better days of when Mom would dress us all in the same shirts to tell us apart. I really miss the days of when Epcot would open in the morning and we would race to Horizons and World of Motion. Then of course we would have lunch at the Odyssey. I miss those days.

Geoffrey said...

you know these are great video representations of what EPCOT should be, was, and hopefully will be again..

It will sadden me greatly if this is the last we see of epcot's greatness..

thanks for the links to the memories..

Anonymous said...

Awesome videos!!! I luv Epcot soo much so I'm glad we have Epcot videos as I luv YouTube so much!

Anonymous said...

I luv Epcot so thanks 4 the awesome videos on my fave place YouTube!!

Anonymous said...

That was a blast. Thanks so much for that. I visited in '85 and then not again until 2003. This brought back memories of the spirit of the place and my great-aunt who brought me there.