Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So, It's NOT Just Me!

Found this post on a blog called What Can I Say? this evening. Thought I'd share. Apparently, it's not just EPCOT-philes who care about such things!


Anonymous said...

Not only have such child-focused events as Princess Brunches eclipsed what was truly a universal form of entertainment in the parks, the entire idea of having to reserve seats months in advance for restaurants and other events has taken what was once a wonderful and spontaneous experience in the parks and turned it into another mundane task in one's day planner.

Foy Lyndstrom said...

Would it be hard for Disney to make something that was, well, cool, but that didn't save money? Am I speaking heresy?

Maybe something that is meant for adults to enjoy - adults only. What about a hotel that is for people 18 years and older? Somewhere where you can wander out to the pool, and not have tons of noisy kids? While I agree that many times the sounds of kids playing is a joyful sound, but there are those specific times when you just need a "Ahhhh...." moment, not an "Ahh-"CANNONBALL!!"-*SpuLoosh*-AAARRGH" kind of moment. There are already about 14,000 Disney Hotels that are perfectly family friendly. Can we have one adult quiet Venice themed hotel?

An off topic observation: EPCOT is quite similar, or should be quite similar to Cirque Du Soleil. Anyone who sees this circus troupe for the first time will notice its bizarre it is. But you are forced to admire how beautiful it is, how amazing and breathtaking.

EPCOT should be the same - unique, but amazing. Not a big conglomeration of princess & pirates as every other park is. Having one park out of four that is not Movie-a-fied wouldn't be so hard, would it?!?!

Anonymous said...

don't give up! you're doing a fantastic job.

Disneyana World said...

Just stopping by to let you know that I appreciate the thought and effort you put into the blog.

Anonymous said...