Monday, August 19, 2013

Did You Sea This News?

With all the incredible advances in learning more about the alien world beneath our feet, every day it seems more and more of a shame that EPCOT only offers up cartoon fish and singing stingrays.

"Seas that would make this planet unlike any other within the realm of our knowledge. ... It is there, in those depths, in an endless night darker than the darkest night on land, that we are just now beginning to explore an amazing world."

This was in the news today:

If only Disney were still as enamored of the world around (and below) us as they are with Wall Street.

I only just found this blog -- and was shocked to learn that even Disney's own website admits that The Living Seas was way cooler than we ever appreciated?


David Landon said...

Yeah, around the time of EPCOT's 30th anniversary last year the Parks blog ran a "vintage EPCOT" series to basically troll those of us who remember how great the place was before the company ruined it. A rather shocking lack of self-awareness, but then what else can you expect from Disney these days?

billnyc said...

Glad you're back. Hopefully other past followers will start to realize. Really good thoughts, keep it going!

Dan said...

I didn't realize you were posting again. Awesome! I hope that you can adding your thoughts whenever possible.

I'm amazed that Disney's blog actually shined a light on the fact that the Living Seas used to be a lot cooler. Amazing.