Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time Machine o' Fun!

Before you laugh and groan (and I can't deny I did both), go pull out your own photo album and find the pictures of someone you're awfully fond of ... as they looked 25 years ago.

You can hardly believe they'd present themselves that way, that they could ever have looked so goofy, so young, so awkward. And yet, that's exactly why you started loving them in the first place.

And in those 25-year-old memories, you remember how you felt then, when things were so fresh and new and life was filled with possibilities. You know change and growth was inevitable, but there's something so joyful in those old reminders, you know that somewhere in your friend, that old heart and spirit is still there.


The Walt Disney Company is going to report its quarterly results soon. No doubt, the phrase "difficult comparisons" will be used. Look past the crappy music, the creepy narration and the simplicity of this promotional piece and focus on what else is there: A clear sense of purpose for EPCOT Center. Then look at the jumbled mess that lower-case Epcot is today.

There's a difficult comparison for you.

(By the way, double-click on the video to go to Youtube, where you can find the second part of this 1983 video.)


Anonymous said...

Ummm...I love the music.

Well-stated point about EPCOT and Epcot--I feel much the same way--and terrific video find!

John said...

Hope they post part two!

The one thing that struck me was how much lusher the place seems now... the trees and plants were quite a bit smaller in the early days, particularly around WS. I guess the only way the place hasn't regressed is in the landscaping... always has been a beautiful park to visit.

Disneyana World said...

I watch this video all the damn time.

By the way...

I thought this was from 1983, but Disney A-Z says its from Jan. 84.

Could they be wrong?

Anonymous said...

I posted this video! I will have part 2 up soon.


Maz said...

Gotta love those new futuristic touch screen monitors. I can't wait until they start using them.

Thanks for the post

Jonty said...

Thankyou for finding and linking these, it's brought back some very fond memories of my childhood.